Investment in Indonesia


The investment realization target for 2020 is based on the chairman of BKPM letter No. 102/A.1/2020 dated April 16th 2020 regarding the Proposed Revision of the Investment Targets for 2020-2024 due to the Impact of Covid-19 and the letter from Ministry of National Development Planning of the Republic of Indonesia to The Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) No. B.265/M.PPN/D1/PP.03.02/04/2020 dated April 24th 2020 regarding the Approval of the Proposed Revision of Investment Target 2020-2024 due to the Impact of Covid-19. Towards the 2020 investment realization target. Here is the LINK

Appendix 10: Approved Manufacturing Projects with Foreign Participation 2020

This is the list of Apendix Malaysia investment perfomance report 2020 from all the country that contribute in development. For further information you can get it in this LINK